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15 Best Make Money Online Jobs in 2020

The outbreaks of Corona Virus pandemic has a far-reaching effect on the world economy, it has changed the way we live, work, and connect with each other. Because of this crisis, make money online jobs has increased exponentially as the internet has become a significant part of our existence both as individuals and organizations; the pace of internet use case has quite recently expanded exponentially.

While a greater number of people have found good make money online jobs, some are yet to figure out for themselves how this technology works, some may even be doubtful, but by you reading this article on how to make money online for free, we promise to clear your doubt by satisfying your curiosity. Your drive to create more streams of income has brought you here, suffice it to say, action and discipline is the deciding factor whether you will succeed or not.

Prompt action is a characteristics feature of every successful individual
hence don’t scroll through the entire article and pretend as though you
never came across information as powerful as this, because what I am about to share, will change your financial
status if followed duly

Just before we dive into the list, it is important we understand the basic ways of
making money on the internet.

To make money on the internet, there are basically two distinct ways of making
money and one such way is active income.


With active income, it’s like your routing job whereby you only get paid for the
work you have done. If you do not work, you don’t expect money; it is as simple
as that.


While the second way is through passive income. Here, the emphasis is on building
system (s), this is my favorite method because, with passive income, all you
do is put in the hard work for a certain period and the money in theory
should keep rolling in even while you are on holiday, in most cases you may
not even have to do any more of the hard work other than maybe adding new contents promoting what you have made or sometimes what other people have

Having understood this,
let’s go into details

What is the fastest way to make money in 2020 online?

Make money online jobs

Get paid to write an article online

Get paid to write an article online

If you have a flair for writing, there can’t be an any better time than this. It’s time to brush up on your writing skill and let it began fetching your money.

It’s true that many acclaimed online writing jobs do not pay; there are still moderately few websites where you can make some money by producing top quality and relevant content for their consumers. If you are interested in writing, you might as well sign up in the following sites and start making money online for free:

Content:  both a freelance job listing and freelance training academy. Not too old in the industry, but it has created an excellent record for itself because of the quality of the freelance jobs it offers. This platform provides guidance to new freelancers so they could become successful as a contract worker. These training tools and coaching make this platform a great resource for freelance writers.

Listverse; an article writing site that pays $100 for an accepted article, visit the website, and scroll to the bottom, locate Write For Us, read through the page, and follow the instruction.

Longreads: a long structured content site that pays huge rates. Though the site really did not state clearly how much for each completed task, however; different blogs have speculated that they pay between $500-$1,500.

Back2college: a site that focused on a more seasoned writer and the site pay about $55+ per an approved article.

AllPetVoices: for those that love pets, it’s time to let that fetch you some money, head over to the site right now and see what article you can complete and make money online for free, the site pays $75 per an approved article.

iWorkWell: this site is for advanced writers like HR experts and SMEs, the pay is about $200 per an accepted article.

Loadedlandcapes: this is a photography site that pays $20-150 for each approved content. IncomeDiary: a site that focussed on bringing in cash online and it pays $200-$500 per approved article.

A Fine Parent: a child training site that pays $75 per approved article. Just before you start making money online for free on these sites; it’s important you go through their most recent entry requirements so as to tailor your profile for a better chance of been accepted.

 Note also, these websites only pay for the article they have approved and a handful of them may like to get pitches before the primary article. Should in case you feel your skill isn’t good enough, there are thousands of tutorials on the internet use them, brush yourself up. You can start with low entry jobs and build a portfolio for more lucrative jobs that pay higher.

Become a virtual assistant

make money online 2021

If you have excellent communication skills, advanced digital, and strong organizational skills, this kind of job is for you. This kind of make money online for free jobs require that you type at the speed of 80-100 wpm, become relevant to the organization or the person you are working with by adjusting to the needs of the business, this is more of a long term for a steady income flow during this economic crisis.

There are various virtual assistant sites like Virtalent and 24/7 Virtual Assistants, offering $10-12ph and 20-120 hours per month. In any case, these sites normally require people with experience before they will take you so if you are new to virtual assistant jobs, you can apply for jobs on sites like Reed, TotalJobs, or Glassdoor and then gain more experience, exposure, and a stronger portfolio.

Get crafty

A few people have figured out how to find new leisure activities during the lockdown, or recall old activities they loved doing. In case you’re into crafts and artworks, you could transform that side interest into an extra pay by creating your own brand in things like jewelry, homemade cards, print t-shirts, upcycle things around the house and sell on sites like Etsy.

Note: not all products sell well or will make a good profit, so do your due diligence before you begin, check out what is already in the market, how much it sells then compare it to what you would expect. Also, see how much competition it has, and then decide how you will make your own brand stand out.

Take surveys online

Perhaps you did prefer low investment jobs both in time and expense, you can make money by responding to surveys online. You can even do this while you’re binge-watching Netflix. The rewards depend on the website – some offer vouchers but a lot of them also pay-out via PayPal or directly to your local bank account.

While this job requires low-efforts and skills, it will take a long period to build up your earnings – surveys pay as little as $0.030 and as much as $10 each, with the majority towards the lower end of the spectrum. You can get started with sites like LifePoints, Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Microworker, YouGov, Prolific, and OneOpinion.

Start an online tutorial

Currently, most universities have shut down and students are home, the search for Make Money Online Jobs has increased.

If you are good at teaching, you can take advantage of this opportunity, head over to these sites, and check out the requirements:

Teachable: a huge website that permits online educators to have and sell their online courses on different subjects. With more than 68,000 educators and 18 million students, Teachable is probably the biggest platform of its sort, which makes it a perfect fit for you; it opens an incredible door for individuals who are simply looking for ways to make money off their skills.

Skillshare: is a US-based online learning network where visitors can access thousands of educational courses in design, photography, mobile development, web design, and many more. Skillshare has become the go-to decision for millions of individuals around the globe who are searching for customized on-demand instructive courses. If you have skills in any of the above-mentioned categories, you can sign up and start building your portfolio.

Sell your photos online

make money online

Do you regularly go about taking beautiful photos with your camera? If yes, it’s time to Cash in on your photo addiction by selling your photos on these websites I’m about to list. Each one has a varied payment option, but they offer a cool way to turn old files sitting around your hard disk into some extra cash, without much effort once you have edited and uploaded them.

500px Prime

Five million photographers list their stock pictures with 500px, as indicated by the site. You’ll get a 70% net for each license sold (standard licenses are $250), and your pictures may show up in big advertisements if you submit them for commercials.

To begging your journey, sign up for a free account and submit your photos, ensure you enable your store then complete the required form for your uploaded photos


Makeups to $120 per picture download on Shutterstock. This site has a somehow complicated price valuation structure, yet the more you win (“lifetime income”), the more money you make for each uploaded photo.  Altogether, photographers have earned more than $300 million from more than 500 million photos downloads.


istockphoto has been in the business of selling stock photos as far back as 2001. Because it has been around for such a long time, it has a large network of contributors.

To apply, simply select the category of your choice (photos, illustrations, video, or audio) and fill out an application (it’s free). The iStockphoto group will review your application and you’ll need to take a short test to evaluate them. The last advance is to transfer a couple of tests of your work to ensure its first-rate.

Get paid to test sites

make money online jobs

You can make money online for free by testing out sites and telling organizations whether those sites are easy to use or not. Little modifications can bring in huge cash for individuals selling on the internet, so it makes sense for them to get assessments from their target audience, instead of relying just on their development team. You can get paid $5-$90 per test or meeting; however, most tests are around $10 and will be paid legitimately into your PayPal.

Note: you don’t have to be a professional to make a better analysis,  rather you simply need to understand what you’re searching for and address the inquiries genuinely. If you’re interested in learning more about how these sites works, I will recommend you watch this YouTube video, it’s not mine anyway; just find it relevant for this particular offer.

You can begin with these sites: Client Testing, Userlytics, Attempt my UI, Userfeel

Get paid to transcribe audio

Audio transcription job is an online activity that allows individuals to generate cash online by transcribing audio clips, this makes money online for free offer doesn’t require any sophisticated skill or knowledge before you start pulling out some cash from the internet. It’s much more the same as any genuine activity; however, it requires some investment and practices for you to be effective. And the payments are usually anywhere around $20 per hour of transcription.

Note: You can begin immediately if you have a PC and a good internet connection. You may require a few devices to be successful in the job, for example, a good quality Headphone (Plantronics is an incredible brand) and a solid Foot Pedal from

In other to get started, head over to any of these sites and sign up for free:

Transcribe Me

A Transcription site open to novices with no experience. The work is accessible worldwide, SO if you are good at English language, you head over to the site and sign up. The compensation is around $15-20 per sound hour and the payment process is via PayPal.

AccuTran Global

A company that hires part-time Transcribers that will work from home. Fluency in English is one criterion for them to hire you. The payment option is via PayPal or check.

Casting Words

This US-based company offers online transcription employment opportunities for beginners. The compensation is around $1.20 per sound minute.


This is a flourishing online translation and transcription service company that is always looking out for new transcribers in other to meet their client orders. If you a good transcriptionist you might want to sign up with them. They pay via PayPal and the payment is around $0.60 per audio or video minutes.

Transcript Divas

Transcript Divas offers one of the more lucrative translation jobs, with rates going up to $2.98 per sound minute. They don’t require previous experience; though they have a strong work ethic and accept a handful of applications.

If you are interested in Transcript Divas, you can apply straightforwardly on their site. Note: you’ll have to have a resume/CV handy, and you’ll have to respond to a couple of inquiries to finish the application.


Rav is among the well-known transcription service company. They offer transcription for audio records and video files. In other to with Rev, you will have to take their online assessment test. If you passed the test, you can begin accessing jobs that are available payment is between $0.40 – $0.75 per audio minute.

Start a blog or site

First, it’s significant that you understand this. Making money through a blog requires enormous effort and commitment, however, all of this is worth it once done the right way.

Basically, there are tons of distinct ways you can make money blogging; your major target should be on creating quality content and building a community of readers or visitors.

As a person looking for how to make money online for free, you may not have enough money to invest in building and hosting a website. While there are free platforms like,, where you can start blogging away, maybe as an affiliate, I would recommend you create your own site so you will have full control over it.

I don’t want to emphasize much on how to create a website, but if you are ready,   you can get your site up and running in less, then 24hrs using Namecheap as your domain name registrar and hosting platform which will cost you less than $20, for a step-by-step walkthrough, I will recommend you watch this YouTube video.

Congratulations if you read through the entire how to make money online for free article, I encourage starting action now, don’t sleep on the information you have received so far, and if there is something you would want us to write about or clarify, kingly use the comment box below, we will be more than happy to respond.

Good luck with your new-found job!

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