Using Facebook ads to promote your business can have a positive return on investment (ROI) especially when it is correctly configured. However, too many times, irrelevant, poor quality, bad timing, and poorly targeted Facebook ads are placed and this often results in a waste of resources.

Now! If you’re concerned about how big brands generate more traffic to their offer or websites, then you should pay keen attention to this article, also, you should be aware of the CPC rate on your campaign before you execute it.

Read on to find out how you can get more clicks on your Facebook ads.

Easy Steps to Get More Clicks on Your Facebook Ads

  1. Craft killer ad copy ­­

creativity is something that cannot be taken away from the marketing space while planning for your ad, it’s important you chose your audience rightly and then tailor your ad message in such a way that will it triggers their emotion which will lead them to take action.

  1. Create more than one ad

It’s a good idea to have more than one ad. This lets you tailor your message and it allows you to experiment with your approach to find the ad that works the best and gets the highest click-through rate. You can run more than one ad and get an idea within a few days which ad does better.

  1. Target your audience

It’s important that you target a relevant audience. Now, this might sound like common sense, yet it is one of the most commonly missed steps when you target your audience you will increase your click-through rate.

  1. Replace the default image

In default mood, Facebook will pull an image from your link and use that image as the visual default for your ad, ideally, you should remove and replace it with the image of your choice.

Note: The recommended image size is 600x 315 pixels. It’s important you get your image sizing correctly, otherwise, it will not look good and that will end up ruining your ads campaign, resulting in to waste of resources.

Also, if you are designing your own image, you should avoid adding too many texts just keep it within Facebook approval standard, which should not be less than 20 percent text.

According to research, an image that is bright catches the eye more and receive the most clicks when used in Facebook ads, so try to avoid blue or white images because these colors don’t do well in ads and finally, for you to get more clicks on your Facebook ads, make sure your targeted audience can easily understand the message of your ads, this will prompt them to take action, avoid complexity.

  1. Use a strong call to action

You should use a call to action button in your ads. It’s worth it! Most times individuals are more likely to click an ad if they have clear instruction on what is expected of them, so make your call- action clear and let it stand out.

  1. Pull the plug if the need arises

If your campaign has too high of a CPC to make any money, then you should not hesitate to end the campaign. You should create a new campaign and see how that one does. It’s good to evaluate your campaigns on an ongoing basis.

4 Additional Tips for Successful Facebook Advertising 

facebook ads

There are all kinds of Facebook ads running. Some of these ads are excellent and some will cost you so much, this is why it’s important to understand Facebook ad campaigns completely before you venture into them.

Facebook made it relatively easy to just click and load, boob, and your ads will start popping up in news feeds but the honest truth is you could waste a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing.

So this:  4 tips that will help you to successfully run your Facebook ads.

Of course, there are plenty of others, but these few will certainly make a difference for you!

  1. Define the Main Purpose of Your Facebook Ad Campaign

When running Facebook ads, it is important you understand what you trying to do, is your goals solely on getting users to become familiar with your brand, generate likes, and create sales? What you are doing will define how you run your ads. For example, if you want to generate sales the cost per click advertising is probably your best option, but if you want to create brand recognition then cost per impression advertising is likely your best option.

  1. Use Ad Space Well

You are allowed 25 characters for your title, 135 characters for your body, and an image. This means you are going to need to write tight ad copy. Take your time – edit, edit, and edit more!

  1. Monitor the Performance of Your Ads

Too many people put their ads up and then never look at them again, simply paying their bill and moving on. The trouble is if your ad isn’t performing well then you are going to be wasting so much money because Facebook will charge you for the ad space.

A better approach is to utilize Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Reports. These two tools can tell you how many individuals have looked at your ads, how many have clicked on your ads, your click-through rate, and more. This information is very valuable in helping you make decisions about which ads to run when to run them and a host of other marketing directions, so make use of it.

  1. Facebook Advertising Blog

These 4 tips are a great place for you to start having successful Facebook ad campaigns. Why not add those to the things you are already utilizing and increase your ad power twofold.